Sunday, June 15, 2014

Quick and EASY Paper Covered Mini Book of Mormon

I love these mini Book of Mormons. Or is it Books of Mormon? I don't know, but what I do know is that they are cute, convenient and they make great gifts! Especially for baptisms. What a fun activity for Relief Society, Young Women, or even Primary.

Previously I covered the minis with fabric. HERE is the link.

But not only is this new way MUCH easier...I prefer it!  I think it's SO cute! 

All you need is a mini Book of Mormon, some scrapbook paper, some glue and a piece of ribbon (opt). After that, you can use your creativity to "make it your own". 

First cut your paper. I used card stock. Most scrapbook paper is card stock so it's not hard to find. It's not super thick, but it's stiffer than regular paper. 

Cut 3 pieces. 2 pieces to fit the front and the back minus about 1/2" to 1"and one to fit over the spine. This piece should overlap the front and back pieces slightly.

Adhere the first piece to the front of the book using glue or a strong glue runner. I used my ATG and it worked perfectly. (You can find these at any craft store.  I got mine at Michael's)

Next, do the same on the back with your back piece.

If you want to add a ribbon for a book mark do it now. Just glue it onto the spine. I glued mine all the way to the bottom to make it stronger.

I did something a little different when I attached the paper to the spine. I used adhesive  and added some glue on top of the adhesive. I then adhered the spine piece slightly overlapping the main front piece. The rest of the spine piece will hang over the edge for now. The reason I used the glue along with the adhesive is that this piece is under stress so the adhesive doesn't hold it permanently, but it holds it quickly so it stays in place while the glue dries. I use this trick often.

Now just do the same on the back and attach the other part of the Spine piece. DO NOT GLUE THE PAPER ON THE ACTUAL SPINE. As the book opens and closes the spine moves and it won't work if you glue it down. 

I file the edges to make them all smooth and finished. You can also ink them.
Now embellish it the way you want it and have fun giving it to someone you love!

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Cynthia said...

We love to bedazzle our scriptures, too, lol. I've never put a ribbon on the spine, though. That is a great idea. Oh, and it is COPIES of the Book of Mormon. (-:

Cynthia said...

We love to bedazzle our scriptures, too. I've never put a ribbon on the spine for a book mark, great idea! Oh, and it is COPIES of the Book of Mormon. (-:

Suzy B said...

Well that solves the issue completely! Thanks Cynthia! I have never Bedazzled anything, but I know what you are talking about. The cover ends up completely covered with little gems right? That would be so darling! Where can I find said Bedazzler? I would love to try this!

katierose said...

These are so darling! I am wanting to do something like this for our Primary kids' birthdays. Can you please tell me where you purchased your copies of the Book of Mormon in mini size? Thank you for sharing such a great idea!

katierose said...

Oh, I forgot to check the box for where to reply. I'll do it on this one so that you can reply to my email address :). Thank you!

Suzy Q said...

Thank you so much Katierose. I got the mini copies of the Book of Mormon at our local Deseret Book/distribution Center, but I found them online here.
They call it pocket-size. Your Primary class will love them!

katierose said...

Thank you very, very much! I appreciate your prompt reply and awesome idea!!!

Suzy Q said...

You are so welcome!


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