Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's October!!!

Oh how I love this month! It has finally cooled down here in Utah. I wondered if it ever would because we have had record-breaking heat up in the 90s for the past little while. After being so hot it decided to rain for several days. I have loved it! It's hard to get tired of rain in Utah because we don't get a ton of it. I say that because I live in northern Utah, but southern Utah had some major flooding and I am sure they feel they have had plenty of rain. The rain has stopped and now it is absolutely perfect! Beautiful skies, leaves changing colors, and crisp, cool air. The best part…I have my fall decorations up. I thought I would share them with you since I have been very neglectful all summer. I did not blog one time. This summer. I just enjoyed my family and it was wonderful! We all spent a lot of time together this summer and I really didn't get much done, but I daon't have a single regret.  I love the loose schedule and chaos of summer, but I am always so glad when fall comes. It's nice to get everything back under control again...or at lease attempt to.
Here's a bit of what's been going on in my life.
 Hayley returned from the England, Leeds Mission in January.  She's SO busy with school, work, church and yet still finds time to run marathons!
 Me, my siblings and Dad at his 80th birthday celebration
Shannon, Me, Dad, Mike, Brad and Kirk.Look how short I am next to them all dang it!
 My darling niece, her husband Rob and her daughter McKenzie from Georgia stayed with us for a week.  Love them SO much! They are an incredible family.  I'm so proud of them! Quick story-I was tending Kenzie the first night they came.  (Ted taught our institute class and I stayed home and watched Kenzie so they could go to the class). Kenzie was sound asleep when they left and when she woke up I knew she'd be completely creaped out when she woke up to find me there and her parents gone so had had some DVDs ready to play for her.  I put in a "Wiggles" DVD and I was trying to be super cheerful with her so I was singing and dancing along to the Wiggles' song and she looked at me and said, "Stop that!"  Haha.  I stopped and then we became friends.
My daughter Madi, her husband Garrett and their daughter Rachel stayed the summer!  They live in Forida.  Aren't they a beautiful family?!  I miss them SO much!  Madi, Rachel and I Skype several times a week.  Rachel blows me kisses and says, "hi" to me repeatedly.  I love her!
My daughter, Morgan and her husband Daniel had a very eventful summer.  They bought a house and a puppy and gave us the happy news that they will be having a baby in March. They live about an hour away which is WAAAAY too far, but it is closer than Florida!
Dallin finishes his 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in April.  MISS HIM!!!
 Kade is back in school-5th grade!  My baby is growing up so fast!  Okay, i just have to say it.., Look at this handsome child of mine!
I can't believe Tanner is a senior.  He's such a great kid.  He's keeping us busy going to football games.  He is hilarious too.  He keeps me laughing!  Love this guy!

Ted and I are busy too. I love this picture because I love this man so much!  He has been such a blessing to me.  We are still  teaching institute.  He is a pro and I am improving.  We are  enjoying our kids they are such a joy to us!  We are so blessed.

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