Friday, October 3, 2014

Service Spa Night

Here's a fun idea if you're looking to pay someone back for all the good they do.  We recently invited our church's Compassionate Service Committee to a "Service Payback Appointment"  aka S.P.A.

We had a blast doing our "SPA" ! We set up our spa in the nursery (because it is adjacent to the kitchen) using the furniture and lamps from the church foyer. We even gathered flowers and other decorations from different areas in the building. Christina came in wearing a huge smile and holding a beautiful flower arrangement as she called out. "Look what I found." .

We had basins and powders for soaking feet, spa music from Pandora radio and we brought towels, stools and benches from home and also supplies for pedicures.  We served smoothies, cucumber sandwiches and bottled water.

 I couldn't resist taking a video to capture our setup. Everyone who passed by the room had to do a double take. It looked so great! I only wish that the video and pictures captured it better.

I attached tags and labels to EVERYTHING from water bottles to flip flops.  It make everything come together.  I have included all of the tags, labels, invitations etc. for you to simply print out. We even made coasters for the smoothies and aprons with our "SPA" logo on them. I have included the iron on pattern in the printables for this activity. All you do is print out the logo on to iron on transfer paper, cut around it and iron it on the premade apron. I got aprons at Hobby Lobby. They were three for $9.99 and I had a 40% off coupon. Not bad.

Invitations, tags, etc.- Remeber to use the backward pattern for transfers, To make coasters just adhere label to chipboard and sand edges to smooth.
Envelope- Half page size
Poster- prints onto 4 sheets of paper then you trim and fit together.

Of course, I had to make a gift for our ladies.  I made them a little pampering kit using inexpensive, yet nice products (thank you Big Lots and Dollar Tree) and adding tags and scrapbook paper. 

Best thing about this party was that the set up took us only 30 minutes and clean up only took us 15.  Success! I came home in such a good mood. I absolutely loved doing this!

We had so much fun pampering the ladies who take care of everyone else.

PS: This would be a fun Activity Days or Young Women activity.  The girls could pamper their mothers.  Also would be fun for Girls Camp.


Heather Mecham said...

I love that you did this as a service project! Filing this one in to my library of ideas. Thanks!

Suzy Q said...

Thank you so much Heather. We had a blast! We are thinking of doing it again.


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