Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Happy Everything Party

If you lived in Utah before 2003 you probably shopped at ZCMI. You may remember the annual table-setting contest they used to hold each year in the china department.  Over 2,000 home economics and design students throughout Utah signed up to create beautiful table displays that feature ZCMI china, flatware and stemware.  I worked in the Budget Hosiery department at the Cottonwood Mall in Holladay, Utah.  My department was on the third floor which is where the China department was.  I always stopped to admire the creative table settings as I passed by on my way to the elevator.  This was the inspiration behind the table decorations at our Happy Everything party we had for Relief Society last week. Each table was decorated by a different volunteer.  

This was a VERY simple activity.  We purchased our food from C & B Maddox:  Chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, rolls and cornbread with honey butter. I picked up some cheesecake from Smith's (Kroger's) grocery for dessert.  I didn't have any cheesecake so I can't tell you if it was good or not, but the rest of the food was really good. 

The program was short and sweet.  We asked three of the moms in our ward to talk about a few of their family traditions. All 3 women were in different stages of life.  One had all small children, one had some small children and some grown and the last had all children grown and out of the house.  These moms shared all degrees of ideas from Waffles on Sunday to a Grandma Camp that goes several days so I think there was a little something for everyone.  

Rather than ask people to do the tables we asked for volunteers. Each volunteer(s) got to choose the event they wanted to decorate for.  I found that we definitely have some closet artists in our neighborhood because the tables were beautiful!  Check out the pictures below.

Janie and Karen decorated this JANUARY table.  I LOVE love blue and white and how cute is that little snow covered mountain? They also treated each guest at their table with a Utah Truffle. If you haven't tried those you're missing out. They are so yummy!
Julie decorated her table for SUMMER using this beautiful quilt that she made.  I love the picnic basket and the cute mason jars.
Christina's VALENTINE table is so artsy!   It's hard to see in the picture, but I loved the set of rusted looking old fashioned keys by the candlesticks. 
Cathy's DINNER PARTY table was so elegant!  I absolutely loved the blue and gold.  Look at those beautiful dishes!
Terri's HALLOWEEN table was a big hit!  How about that spider web lace table cloth?! Terri even wore a Halloween apron and a wig!  So cute!
You would never know it, but Ruth Ann volunteered to decorate this THANKSGIVING table at the last minute. The picture doesn't do it justice.  Look at her clever candlestick holders.  She used upside-down goblets and put simple flowers under them.  Very pretty!
Alisha and her daughter Kimmie decorated this table.  Kimmie told her mom that WEDDING was a odd event to pick since no one in their family was getting married anytime soon. Then Kimmie herself got engaged!  I think she can rest assured that her wedding will be gorgeous as long as her mom is helping out. 
Patty and I decided we would go casual and do a BIRTHDAY table.  Pink and green is such a fun color combination!  Sorry this picture is burry.  The centerpiece is a paper cake made of paper boxes shaped like a piece of cake.  The birthday hats are dollar store birthday hats covered with scrapbook paper and I glued pieces of a dollar store feather boa around the bottom and on top.  

I would definitely call this party a success. I had a lot of compliments on the food and several people told me that they enjoyed the "short" program portion of the night.  The the ladies seemed to really enjoy visiting and just enjoying each other.

Come back soon,

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