Friday, January 30, 2015

Up, Up and Away!

Remember that helium balloon you lost as a child?  Remember how hopeless you felt as you watched it gently drift up, up, up into the heavens turning into nothing more than a tiny spec until it completely disappeared? Ever wonder where those balloons ended up?  Well, if you lost a HUGE bouquet of orange balloons in the very recent past they ended up at our house.  

Kade was outside shooting hoops when he saw this cluster of orange balloons descending on our yard.  He and I were both excited to see such an unexpected event!  Now we are on the other side of the helium balloon situation.  Instead of wondering where our balloon went we are wondering where these ones came from.  There are 6 balloons still intact, but look at all of the popped balloons that are attached! It must have been enormous! They aren't merely popped--THEY'RE SHREDDED!
It's the little things right?

Come back soon,

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