Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentine Lantern

This is Kade's valentine for his teacher this year.  I found the battery operated votives and the jar lids at Michael's. I got the jars there too but the lids will fit any small mouth jar.
 It was so easy. Just fill the jar with M and M's or whatever you like and then place the votive candle on top.  
I have made it super easy for you because I have the tags HERE for you to print out. I punched them out with a 3" punch. (The inner circle is 2" if you want a smaller tag.)
I wanted to give one to my friend. Her birthday is after the 14th so I made a different tag for her.
In this one I used sisel instead of candy. I love the way it looks! Print either label HERE page one is the pink - page two is the neutral. 
I cut a circle of vellum to put into the lid so that the lantern will travel safely to school with Kade. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Come back soon,

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