Thursday, May 14, 2015

You're the Balm!! Quick and Easy Thank You Gift

This is a long post.  If you're not in the's okay.  Just skip down to the BOLD PRINT.

Cute little Abby

Well, another Mother's Day has come and gone.  This year's was a memorable one,  My daughter Morgan's beautiful baby was blessed.  My son Dallin spoke at our church after returning from his mission in Russia.  It was so fun to hear him talk about the things he taught and learned about the gospel while in Russia.  He grew so much on his mission and it is so fun having him home and getting to know him all over again.  

Dallin, Brian and Alex- first time seeing each other in over 2 years. Brian returned home from his mission 3 days after Dallin.

After church we had a simple lunch at our home for extended family and a few friends and even though I enjoy having everyone over, this particular event was a little more stressful than past gatherings because my son, husband and I returned Saturday evening from our traditional "take the returned missionary to San Diego" trip. I had only a handful of hours to prepare  for a houseful of hungry people. Good thing I have such a wonderful family who upon being invited to any event such as this immediately ask, "What can I bring?  I let them know any salads or desserts would be greatly appreciated. I prepared a platter of deli meats and cheeses, bought a variety of breads and rolls, chips and bottled water. I didn't have time to prepare any other food whatsoever. As always the salads and desserts were delicious!  Thank goodness for such great people!  By the time everyone had gone, Ted and I were exhausted and we plopped down for a well deserved nap. My head hit the pillow and I felt such relief wash over me. It was finished.  All the work to prepare for Dallin's return home was done. The painting, preparing his bedroom, reorganizing the basement, moving my craft room upstairs, cleaning carpets, cleaning house, sign making and hanging, shopping etc. etc, etc. it was all done and I could now relax. Maybe now I could even finish putting together my craft room and start crafting again. Then I realized in 3 short months I would have a houseful of hungry family again as my son, Tanner will be speaking in church before heading to Russia on his mission. Haha. It never slows down does it? 

One of my favorite spots in the world!  a little benchat Ferry Landing in Coronado right across this beautiful view of San Diego.

I have some wonderful friends who dropped food off Sunday morning for our luncheon. It was so nice of them and I really wanted to let them know how much I appreciated them. They totally saved me!  I made these "You're the Balm" gifts as a thank you.

I found the Chap Ice lip balm at Dollar Tree

I had these cute fry boxes on hand already and that is great because I'm trying to use up the supplies that I already have instead of adding to my ever-growing stash. (Of course, you could use any box or bag.)  I filled the boxes with paper grass and added a Chap Ice lip balm, a tag and a bow.   I made some printable tags for you.  You can download them HERE. I like to add extra paper grass because I want the box to look like it's just exploding with happiness!

Just print onto cardstock and cut out.

Come back soon,

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