Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Another Missionary Package Idea

Wednesday was a bitter-sweet one. We took my son Tanner down to the Provo Utah MTC (Missionary Training Center) so he could begin his 2 year mission in Russia, Vladivostok.
We celebrated Thanksgiving the Sunday before Tanner left. 
   Our tradition is to eat breakfast at Village Inn before heading to the MTC

He will be in the MTC for 8 weeks where he will study the Russian language, the scriptures and basic missionary training. I'm so glad he has the amazing opportunity, but I will miss him so much!

At the Provo temple saying our goodbyes

I call Tanner my "Auto pilot child because he is such a good, easy kid who never had to have a lot of pushing or encouragement in regards to homework and other responsibilities. He's kind, hard working, smart and tender hearted.


I sent Tanner's first care package after we returned home Wednesday. (Very therapeutic for me!) I thought it would be fun to send treats that had a corresponding scripture attached to each item. 

Here's what I did.
I have done this package in the past, but wanted to try something new.  This one is fun too.  You can find it HERE.

With this one I wanted to not only make it appropriate for any point on a mission rather than the MTC only.  I also wanted to have a scripture that corresponds to each treat.  I mean, they are completely immersed in the scriptures at this time in their lives so I thought that would be fun.

It's SO easy!
1.PRINT HERE for the tags. There is a Scripture to correspond to each treat.
2. Buy the treats and attach tags.  HERE is a list of the possible treats you can use.  In some cases I used more than one and placed them in a cellophane bag before attaching the tag. It's completely up to you of course!
3. Get a box to fit everything.
4. Decorate the flaps of the box! (This is optional, but it sure is fun!) I covered the flaps with cute paper and then use stickers to decorate.
5. Last BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, Write a note to your missionary.  This is always their favorite part of the package and they will be disappointed if it is missing.

I had a little space left (This is a first.  I usually cram the thing as full as I can get it!) so I added some bubble wrap to keep anything from getting jostled.
He's going to be great, but I/m sure going to miss him.

Have fun "treating" your missionary!

Come back soon,

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