Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Autumn Wreath-A different Color Scheme

I am so ready for fall! I absolutely adore summer, but I am always ready for fall once school starts. The elementary school bus stop is right in front of my house so I get to see all the cute kids in their brand-new clothes and new backpacks!  Speaking of clothes, fall and winter clothes are just so much more fun than summer clothes. Jackets, scarves, sweaters, boots etc.  I also love to decorate my porch and home this time of year. This year I wanted to make a new wreath.  I wanted to do it a little differently. I wanted to use colors other than the typical orange and yellow and brown that I usually end up using.  This is what I came up with. I love the way it turned out I can't wait to finish decorating the porch!
I really love the colors of this wreath. These are the colors I'm seeing everywhere around me in beautiful Utah right now. I think it's perfect for September, but I may leave it up through the fall. 
I know you can't see the wreath very well in this picture, but I wanted to take one of the whole doorway so that you could see the size.

Come back soon,

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