Thursday, September 3, 2015

My darling little craft room on a budget!

I'm SO excited to show you my craftroom! I absolutely LOVE it!  I have moved out of the dingy basement and I don't miss it a bit.  Now that two of my children are married we have an extra bedroom. This bedroom is small.  About 10'x10', but I have utilized every bit of space and it has turned out to be PERFECT for me!  It's upstairs where the lighting is great!!!  It's right next to my bedroom and because it's not tucked away in a corner of the house I usually end up with one or several members of the family sitting in a chair talking to me while I craft.  I love that!  I have posted a video if you want a little tour, but I've also posted pictures.
Here's the video.  Let me know if you like it.

I have lots and lots of storage!  I am not a horder...except for craft stuff.  I save everything I can possible use for crafting AS LONG AS I HAVE A PLACE FOR IT.  I use mostly transparent containers so I can see what I have and I don't have to go searching.-Time is precious!

I made this desk from a simple piece of ???that I bought at home depot.  They cut it for me free of charge.  I talk more about how I made it on the video.  Haveing this counter space is SO nice and gives me a place to put those oft used items that you need ready access to.

I got these Ikea shelves on a resale sight (  Everything in here is either secondhand, made by me or bought way, way on sale.  You don't have to do it all at once.  Just do a little at a time.

This is my paper wall.  Those containers are Recollections brand from Michael's.  I have been collecting them for years and only buy them when they are on sale and I have a coupon that I can use on sale items.  I store my card stock by color and my patterned paper by collection. 
I got the storage rack from my dad.  He used to have it in his garage.  Perfect for punches.
Like I said, I use every space including the the back of the door and the walls.
I love these Recollections shelves that hold the plastic containers.  They look nice and tidy and hold a lot!  The more I can separate my supplies, the more efficient I am.

My dog Molly loves it in here.  When my craftroom was downstairs she would always sneak away, but now if i'm in here, she's in here.
Heres a panaramic of the shelves.

I love this room so much! I just want to be in here all of the time.

Come back soon,

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