Saturday, October 10, 2015

Relief Society Fall Social 2015

We just had our Relief Society Fall Social and it was a BIG success!  Is this because of me? NO!  It was definitely a group effort and everyone was AWESOME!  No one likes to be micro-managed so we decided who would do what and then let them do it. Betty Jo and Candice were in charge of decorations, Lori and Patty were over the food, Kathy brought the desserts and I was over advertising, getting the speaker arranged and making sure we had a musical number.

Here is the poster.  I made two of them. I used the Cricut. One for each foyer. I made announcements in RS each week, posted the info on our RS Facebook page each week and our amazing secretary Kelli sent out several emails including one saying, In just 2 hours is our fall social.  At least one sister who had been planning on coming said she had forgotten until she received that last minute email.

The decorations were beautiful.  Sunflowers, fall leaves, and gorgeous fall colors. 
Dinner was ordered from Olive Garden. Soup, salad and bread sticks.  It was so delicious and reasonable too.  Marie Calendar Pie for desert. Also a big hit.
I asked Martha to be in charge of the musical number. It couldn't have turned out better. Martha has a real knack for putting together the right voices with the right song. I knew the number would be great, but I was not expecting what we got.  Six beautiful ladies came into the room dressed in choir robes. (Notice how the robes match our tablecloths.)
  Martha asked for some volunteers with good rhythm and handed them percussion instruments. A tambourine, a cricket and a cowbell. 
After Martha helped the percussionists set a rhythm, the choir began to sing.  They sang the Hymn There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today which is a happy, cheerful song sung the regular way, but this choir gave it such a fun twist.  (Think Black Gospel choir at a Southern Baptist church.) Everyone loved it and ended up clapping along.

Next came the highlight of the evening.  We had a wonderful guest speaker who talked to us about hope and keeping our focus on the Savior. She was truly inspiring.
WE had a basket of these pillow box favors for everyone to take as they left. 
To make the favors I used pillow boxes that I already had.  I got them on sale at Michael's in the baby shower section. I cut a sunflower using my Cricut, but you could easily use any flower punch.  I just cut 2 and glued one off centered ontop of the other, added the circle center and a little bow.  I glued it onto the box and added a tag with the saying: Keep your face towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind-Walt Whitman.  You are welcome to use the tags.  Just print them HERE and use a tag punch to cut them out.

 I would definitely say this was a successful activity.  We had about 60 people attend which is really good for us. 

Come back soon,


Anonymous said...

what did you put in these favors pillow bag? I love this activity ideas and would love to do that at my branch this month.

Suzy Q said...

I’m pretty sure I filled the pillow boxes with candy kisses. They are my favorite and they work perfectly in a favor box. Besides, who doesn’t love a candy kiss?


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