Thursday, October 15, 2015

Some Great Gift Ideas For That Chocolate-lovin" Friend of Yours

Yep, I'm a chocolate lover and most of my friends are too!  I have seen this saying a lot on Pinterest and around the web so I don't know who to credit it to, but I think it's cute and I wanted to use it to make some chocolaty good gifts!
The candy bars are SO easy.  I just wrapped a giant chocolate bar in silver wrapping paper and then covered it in cute scrapbook paper.  I like this method better than making a ready-made wrapper you just print out because those ones use a lot of ink.  Instead, I just made a little label. You can print it HERE.
 You can punch it out or cut it out and use it however you want.  Attach a nice bow and you've got a treat that will make your friend's mouth water!
I made the Subway Art Wood Block by cutting letters (and  
kisses out of vinyl using my Cricut.  I think this would make a cute Teacher Appreciation gift too.

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