Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Subway Art Pumpkin

I've always thought the craft pumpkins that you buy at Michaels are so cute, but I've never decorated one before.  Then, when I got an email from Michael's inviting people to decorate craft pumpkins for their contest I thought, " You know what?  Maybe I'll give it a go this year.  
I'm also playing with my Cricut Explore a lot lately and wanted to do a project using vinyl. So I decided to make this Subway Art pumpkin. Of course, I had to share it with you.
 I cut the witch's hat using my Cricut and embellished the hat with black flowers, feathers from a feather boa and spiders and twigs I found at the dollar store. I also found this little bird at the dollar store.

 The bird has a motion sensor and chirps anytime anyone walks by it. It's driving Molly crazy. She barks and barks at it every time it chirps.  It may drive the rest of us badly by the time Halloween gets here ha ha! But it's been fun so far!  

Come back soon,

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