Monday, November 9, 2015

Christmas Care Package

Isn't this time of year the best?!  I love Christmas SO much!  Christmas carols and decorations are creeping into the stores now and I LOVE IT!  The season comes and goes so quickly.  I'm one who is thankful to be able to find decorations and Christmas supplies well before Christmas.  Then I can have the things I need in plenty of time to get them done before Christmas so I can enjoy the holiday stress free.  I finished my neighbor gifts on October 22.  I'm so happy about that! I made my first instructional video of this year's neighbor gift and I am in the process of editing it so that you don't have to suffer through 20 minutes of me making stuff.  HA-HA.  I hope to be posting that soon.

I am sending a package off to my son tomorrow.  He is serving as a missionary in Russia.  He is headed for Siberia so I have somethings ready to send him that I am hoping will keep him warm.   Slippers, wool socks, soup mixes, hot chocolate mix etc.  I bought him a digital recorder.  I have heard great things about digital recorders, but have not used one with any of our missionaries yet. I'll give you an update when I see how it works for us.  I promised Tanner I would include beef jerky in every package I send, so I've got some of that too. Check to make sure what you are sending is legal to send through the mail.  Follow this link to check your destination before you pack it.

I've covered the flaps of the box with patterned paper as I always do and I have added some phrases and some borders to decorate the flaps.  I have them HERE for you to print at no cost.

Enjoy sending your package to your loved one!  I always come out of the post office SO DANG HAPPY knowing how excited the recipient is going to be! I'm not sure who gets more joy out of it. Him or me?

I almost always send my packages in the largest flat rate box from the post office. Since it's the same price no matter how heavy the package is...I fill that thing as full as I can possibly get it!  I take most things out of their packaging, put anything powdery in Ziploc bags, strategically place each item in the box in a way that will utilize every tiny space in the best possible way and then I shove wrapped candy in every little nook and cranny!  There is no air left in the box once I'm finished with it!

Enjoy sending your loved one their Christmas package this year!

Come back soon,

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