Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Thank You For Your Prayers

Shannon found this on Facebook.  I love it!

I just wanted to thank everyone who offered prayers, fasting and kind words and thoughts in behalf of my sister's husband Darrin. He is out of intensive care and is doing so much better.
This is Shannon and I right before I left to come back to Utah.  We are much happier and hopeful than we were the day I got there.

Before I joined Shannon in Arizona I told Ted everything the doctors had said. Ted encouraged me to hurry to Shannon's side. He said, "It is going to take a miracle for Darrin to make it through this... but we believe in miracles.". We DO believe in miracles and we just witnessed one. Darrin's own doctors have told him the same. 
Darrin still has some issues and he has a long recovery ahead of him, but we are all happy and relieved Darrin is still with us. 
Darrin's mom was able to come from Canada to be with him.  Such a blessing for them both.  Darrin was so happy to see her.

My heart is so thankful to all of you and to my Heavenly Father.

Come back soon,

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