Friday, April 22, 2016

Relief Society Activity-My 14-Day Journey with Christ- two sacred weeks that will change your heart and bring you closer to the Savior

One of the most memorable Relief Society activities we've had so far is this 14-Day Journey with Christ. 

Let me start right off by telling you that this was NOT my creation.  My friend Betty Jo got this idea from her daughter who did this in her ward.  I searched the internet and to the best of my knowledge the idea came from HERE.on the Idea Door.

This is how we did it:

*  Betty Jo is a saint!  She retyped EVERYTHING and organized it all into a beautiful booklet.

* She rolled each booklet in a piece of scrapbook paper and tied with Christmas ribbon. (These were free because I am a paper-hoarder and I had plenty to donate.)

* The Relief Society presidency gave these out as a Christmas gift. (Double duty on the budget.)

* We asked each sister to do their best to finish the 2 week exercise by the next activity night which was to be held in February.

* We reminded the sisters each week to remember to complete the booklet

* We held a testimony meeting for our activity.

More details:

There are 35 pages included in the booklet so it can get a little pricey.  Here are some ways we made it more affordable and some other ideas that might work for you.

*We didn't take the booklet door to door.  We passed it out at church to those who were there.  We printed 100 books and kept bringing the books to church and offered them each week to those who hadn't yet received one until they were gone.  Truth be told, there are still people asking for them as the word has spread.  People wanting them for family members and friends etc..  Individuals have made extra copies on their own and donated them to those who have asked for them. Now that we have a digital version available anyone can download one anytime they want.

* We bound the books ourselves which saved us a ton!

* A very sweet, generous sister in the ward donated money towards the project. And an awesome couple lent us their binding machine.

 * Staples online could do 100 copies for about 100 dollars.  If you wanted a colored cover it would be about $30.00 more.  That's a better deal than we got.

* If it's just not affordable to print them than you could do it digitally.  You could send one day's exercise (= 2 pages) at a time over email or text. That way the sisters could decide whether or not they wanted to print it or just do the writing in a notebook. (Many of our sisters who had the books did this so they could reuse the book).


* We held our testimony meeting in the Relief Society room which was decorated with pictures and statues of Christ.  I'm so sad that I forgot to take pictures!  I got some white organza panels for WAY cheap last summer.  We used those under and around everything we put out as decorations.  It really looked beautiful.

*We had a couple of beautiful musical numbers that set the mood perfectly.

* We had a talk about testimonies and a gentle reminder of what a testimony consists of and then we turned the time over to the Sisters and they bore beautiful testimony of the Savior and how this journey had indeed changed their lives and deepened their relationship with their Savior.

* We served light refreshments-cookies and a veggie plate.

*I was absolutely thrilled at the outcome of this activity.  One sister told me that she thought those of us who were there that night had bounded in a way that we would never forget.  She was right.

However you decide you can do this, it is a wonderful experience.  I will be honest.  Before I read the booklet I was afraid that the stories and exercises might be elementary or hokey.  I was very wrong.  I loved the experience I had going through this journey and I am going to do it again.
The booklet is free for you to print or download HERE
The PDF version can be downloaded and printed HERE

  In a world that is swiftly moving away from the Savior and His gospel it is so comforting to know that Jesus Christ is here for us.  He loves us so much and he walks this journey through life right by our side.  He is begging us to seek Him out and to make Him a integral part of our everyday lives. His only goal is to bring us back to His presence to live with Him forever. I love Him with all of my heart.

Come back soon,


lbm 3808 said...


Could you email the pdf of the Journey with Christ book.



Suzy Q said...

Laura let me find that and I'll send it your way.

Jennifer said...

Was that 100 copies of the book for $100? I'm looking into doing this for my ward, but it's looking like it'll be around $3.50/book just to print the books and I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks for your time:)

Sunniedaiz said...

I love this! Could you email me the pdf of the Journey with Christ book. I would love to use this as an activity for Relief Society.
Thanks so much!

Sunniedaiz said...

Hi Suzy!
I love this! Would you be able to send me a pdf of the Journey with Christ book?
Thank you so much for this wonderful activity for Relief Society.

Jennifer said...

I am also interested in the pdf for the book I check at the link you listed and it is no longer available. Thank you

Matthew and Rachelle Hitchler said...

I would love a pdf copy of the book! My email is


Matthew and Rachelle Hitchler said...

I would love a copy. Please email me if yo still have it:

Anonymous said...

Help! I am also interested in the pdf for the book. I have had the same experience the others have had. It is gone. :( Thank you!

Suzy Q said...

The link for the PDF version of the book is
hopefully this will work for you all. Please let me know if you have any problems.

Suzy Q said...

I have to apologize. I'm not sure why people are not able to print this document. I just checked it and it appears to be working. I have it set to be available to print and download. Either I'm doing something wrong or I haven't communicated very well because I have had several requests for the document. Here is the link: Plese someone try it and let me know if it works for you. I want to make sure this is available for eeanyone who wants it. Thank you, SUZY :)

Suzy Q said...

Okay, I think I've figured it out. Those who have asked are looking for a PDF version. I didn't have a PDF version, but I do now. The link is:
I hope that helps. Please let me know if any of you need additional help. Sorry for the mix up.


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