Wednesday, June 1, 2016

God Bless the USA Mixed Media Canvas

Last year I was a guest on Sugar Bee Crafts as a part of the Red, White, Blue Series. I thought I would post here in case you missed it.

For my project I decided to make a mixed media canvas.  This project was one of the funnest I have done. I love mixed media! You can use any materials you want and you just keep adding layers until you like the way your project looks.  

See all of the different mediums I used on this one little project?  
acrylic paint
patterned paper
glittered chip board 
black marker
sheet music and hand written lyrics 
That explains why they call it "Mixed Media".  I really enjoyed this project and I love the way it turned out!  you should try it too!  I would love to see what you come up with!

Here's how I did mine:

First, I painted a 12 x 12 canvas with black acrylic paint. I cut out pieces for my flag from patterned paper that I had on hand. I also printed out some stars (print HERE) and then use them as a pattern to cut out my burlap stars.

I stained the edges of my stars with black acrylic paint and using a glue gun I attached a button and a twine bow.

When it was time to attach my flag to the canvas I realized that a 12 x 12 canvas is not really 12 x 12.  I trimmed down my flag a little bit so that it would fit on my canvas and I also wanted a little border around the flag. I attatched it to the canvas with a thin layer of Mod podge and then after it dried I covered it with another thin layer of Mod podge.
I antiqued the borders and edges of the flag where I saw a fit with the black acrylic paint and I attached my burlap stars with hot glue.
I hot glued black, glittered chip board letters to the project and then added some detail with a black marker. I added some sheet music and hand written lyrics that I found on the Internet and printed out on regular computer paper.  I ripped out a section of the paper and  spread a little Mod podge onto the project with my finger and placed the paper face down onto the Mod podge. I used a bone folder to press the paper into the Mod podge and then I started taking the paper off. As I did so. The paper tore and much of it remained on the canvas. I did this in a couple of places on the canvas until I had the look I wanted.  
I sprayed some red ink on the camvas and then sprayed a little water on the ink so that it would run a little bit. Then I sprayed some black ink onto the canvas.
I finished the project by printing the words "God Bless the" which you can print HERE.  I painted the edges with black paint and attached them with a hot glue gun.  The hot glue makes them stand out a little rather than lying flat on the canvas which I really like because it added some dimension. 
I couldn't resist finishing the project by tying a bow of tulle around the entire canvas. 

 Right now I'm working on painting and organizing my new craftroom and I am excited to share it when I finish it.  Keep checking back for the reveal.

Come back soon,

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