Monday, March 20, 2017

Diet & Exercise- mine need to change!

Well, I have been so terrible about exercise for way too long and I've been eating whatever the heck I want to eat which means lots of fat, sugar and bread. I have got to get on a healthier way of living and I started (again) today!  

I got up and rode my bike with my bestie which was also good for my soul because we always have great talks when we exercise. 

It's hard making changes, but I have got to do it!  Sharing it will make me accountable, so here I am sharing!  I may share more of the particulars as I go, but here's my dinner. 
1. Salmon
2. 1/2 c of sweet potato 
3. Asparagus 
4. Salad
Oh, and a diet orange Crush. I know this one is controversial, but we'll see how it goes. Right now it's my substitute for the Twisted Sugar Cookie at Sips. 

Wish me luck,

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