Saturday, March 18, 2017

Layton's Got A New Best Cookie!!!

 I don't know if this is a Utah thing or if this is going on all around the country, but I am loving all these little shops that keep popping up.  You can get flavored soda pop and other sweet treats and it's addicting.  Swig,  Fiz, Soda Crazy, and now Sips! It's huge!

This is such a phenomenon. The Drive up window lines wrap around the buildings. 

Sips just opened up down the street from me. I was pretty excited about that because now I can get my Sprite Zero with raspberry and coconut flavoring much more conveniently. 

Unfortunately, my friend Makaylee told me to try their cookies. Big mistake! Do not try the cookies! I repeat, do not try the cookies!!! You will be hooked! 
My favorite is the Twisted Sugar.  It is so good! A soft, but chewy sugar cookie tops with just enough delicious coconut frosting. (i'm not a huge frosting fan so I don't want gobs.) then comes the magic! I guess this is the twist. The cookie is topped with a wedge of lime. You squeeze the lime juice over the cookie before you eat it. Do I need to go on? You have to try it if you live anywhere near. Or at least try to re-create it in your own home.
I just had to share. I thought this delicious little morsel deserved a shout out!

Come back soon,

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