Monday, April 3, 2017

Mary Poppins Table for Vntage Birthday Party

Every spring our church celebrates the BIRTHDAY of it's women's organization. Our ward celebrated last week with an all things vintage party.  I'm not a leader in this organization anymore so I am not taking credit for anything. I just wanted to share. However, I did volunteer to decorate a table.  
All the tables were decorated after broadway musicals. People are so creative!
Mary Poppins, hello Dolly, Phantom of the Opera, little mermaid, South Pacific, breakfast at Tiffany's and beauty and the beast.  That was also sound of music.they decorated the table with a suitcase and items from the song A Few My Favorite Things. Brown paper packages tied up with string, kittens with whiskers, snowflakes and little white dresses with blue satin sashes. That table wasn't decorated until later so unfortunately I didn't get a picture of it, but cute ideas.

Here are the Deets on my Mary Poppins table.  I decorated with the thought of the dance with Dick van Dyck and his red and white striped jacket.  So I had my color scheme. Red white and black. I got cups, napkins cupcake liners and straws that were red and white striped.  I got the carousel cupcake holder on Amazon. I will post the links below.  I cut Black silhouettes of various items from the show and put them on the cups, napkins straws etc. As you can see, the straws were used in the cupcakes to add to the look of the carousel. I attached tags that said tuppence two bags of gold coins and I made cake balls dipped in white chocolate and rolled in coconut. Then I attach them to plastic spoons with a little bit of melted white chocolate. These were my spoonful of sugar. I covered them with a cellophane bag and tied a tag to them that says "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. I have a link to the tags below. I cut out kites and umbrellas and attach them to the tags with a pop dot. "I got done and it just didn't look quite finished so I ran to the craft store and got some red and black helium balloons. It was just what the table needed.

Print tags HERE
Find Cupcake Carousel HERE
Find Cupcake Wrappers HERE
Find Cups HERE
Find Napkins HERE
Find Straws HERE

They The gym decorated with clouds from different vintage items! It was so cute!  Dinner was marinated barbecue chicken, green Jell-O with carrots, salad and rolls.  Dinner was cakes made by various women who volunteered.

There was also a speaker who talked about simplifying. It was a really good talk and she joked about the topic because these were definitely not simple decorations.  Haha. 

Here's a little video to give you another look.

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