Monday, May 1, 2017

Book Review: Once There Was a Mom

Raising six kids has not been an easy endeavor. I have shed many tears, uttered many prayers and stayed up many nights worrying on behalf of the little ones I love so much.  When I look back on their young years I hardly remember the messy rooms, less than stellar grades, cavities, a kitten almost being cooked in the microwave, a call from the local police station (yep, that happened) broken… EVERYTHING and fears that I would fail them as a mother. Instead I see bedtime stories, heartfelt talks, family outings, much improved and impressive grades and dental hygiene, and laughing---lots of laughing because they have their dad's ingenious sense of humor.  My children have become my dearest friends and they've turned out to be really great people.

I'm so excited to share Once There Was a Mom with you! This witty little book by Emily Watts is an absolute joy! It captures my feelings of motherhood perfectly!  Wendy lightheartedly pokes fun at the impossible bar we set as mothers for ourselves and for our children and brings to light the power in those seemingly insignificant, little tasks that take up so much of mothering children. I was actually in tears when I finished reading and I couldn't wait to share this book with you. 

The fun, contemporary illustrations by Destin Cox add charm and interest to this darling story. I am buying a copy of this book for my daughters as a Mother's Day gift.  I know they will love it too!

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