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Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 22 "Eternal Perspective"

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What a great lesson. I can't wait to teach this one. HERE is a copy of the lesson from the manual. and HERE is a copy of the quote.

Some talks/articles that go great with this lesson are:

Object Lesson-
I had some bags of m&m's that I grabbed at the last minute and I put them in a basket. I opened my lesson by holding up the basket at about eye level to the class. I asked them if they could tell me what was in the basket. No one could see into the basket so no one could tell me. Then I asked them all to stand up and they could all see the m&m's. I pointed out the fact that their perspective had changed and that is why they could all see now. You could put any item into the basket. I just happened to have the candy already.

For the handout -

I really wanted to do some kind of an optical illusion for this handout to bring across the point that our perspective determines the way we understand things. If we see ourselves and our lives through Our Heavenly Father's eyes. We see the big picture and we make better decisions.

I remember getting these little cards in Cracker Jacks that had a message written in blue ink covered with some kind of a busy pattern done in red ink. When looked at through a red lens...the red disappears and you can easily read the blue message beneath. That's what I decided to do for this handout. The blue message says, " An Eternal Perspective will help us to see things as they really are.". The red words on top are things that cause us to lose our eternal perspective and block us from seeing the truth.

Here's how to make it.
You'll need:
A copy of the quote (4 to a page). Print here
Regular sized mailing envelopes
Permanent red marker

Print the quote found here.
you can either cut them right on the edge of the white squares and mat them with scrapbook paper or trim them with some of the black as a border. It's better to use regular paper rather than cardstock so it will lay nicely on the envelope once the glasses are in the pouch. Either way, make sure your adhesive goes all the way to the edge of your paper so you don't have any edges sticking up.

Seal a regular (not business) sized envelope.

Attach quote to envelope making sure the cut side of the envelope is facing up. Cut an inch off what is now the top of your envelope. Attach a bow and ink the edges of the envelope.

Color the lenses of dollar store reading glasses (find the weakest strength you can. I used 1.00) with permanent red marker. It works best if you slowly and carefully draw one line at a time. If you "scribble" the marker it tends to rub off.

Place the glasses in the envelope.

You're done!
Have fun teaching this lesson.

Come back soon,

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Georgina Close said...

this is UNREAL!
how clever are you!!
Thanks very much for the tutorial
xx Georgina xx

mally1328 said...

This is such a great idea! I will be using it in on Sunday! Thanks!

SUZY said...

Thank you so much Georgina and mally1320! I was so happy to see your comments. It's so nice to know that someone is actually benifitting from this blog. Good luck with your lessons. Thank you for posting. Let me know if you have any questions.


Full House said...

Hi Suzy, I was so thankful to come across your brilliant idea for the handout. I think it will really help to drive home the message to the girls...I just got done putting the red marker on the glasses and feel so glad for the people that share their great ideas.

xx - Christina

SUZY said...

Hi Christina, I hope your lesson went well. I'm so glad to hear my idea helped you. I have used a ton of ideas from sugardoodle. It's nice we can all help each other.


Brynn said...

I adore this handout and can't wait to use it in July! Every time I try to print it out though it cuts off the corners so I only get 75% of each handout. Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong!?!

Suzy said...


I am so sory that you're having trouble printing this. How frustrating! If you will send me your email address I would be happy to attach the file for you.


Brynn said...

Yay, that would be fabulous! Thank you so much. I am glad I asked. I love this handout and really want to do it. My girls are going to love it. My email is Thanks for being helpful and sharing your talents!


Marisa Jean said...

I'm all about object lessons, and think this one is fantastic. Thanks for sharing your talents!

SUZY said...

Thanks Marisa Jean. I love object lessons too. Sometimes I think the girl's may remember the object lessons and not much else.

Megan said...

This is SUPER CUTE! I love it! I think I'm going to make a paper version of the glasses so that they can keep them in their scriptures. (All my girls have their handouts stuck in their scriptures with the verse we discussed in class...) Thanks so much for posting this idea!

SUZY said...

Hi Megan,
I love your idea of having the girls keep the handouts in their scriptures. That would make such a great impact. Thanks for your comment!

Kristin said...

Suzy, thank you so much for posting this! I am so excited to give this lesson tomorrow. I too am having difficulty printing the handout, would you please email it to me as well? Thank you so much!
Kristin :-)

The Adams Family said...


Thank you very much for sharing this with us so we can use it in our classes. I am so grateful for your talents. I know the girls as gonna love it. I certainly do. It is so creative and wonderful. Thank again for sharing it. :)

SUZY said...

"Adams Family"',
Thanks for taking the time to leave such a nice comment. I hope your lesson went well. Is the the funnest calling or what? I love it.

Tiffanee said...

So AMAZING!! Thank you so much for sharing your talents. I am using it for my lesosn this week. I am so excited. Thanks for your help!!

Moira said...

Hi Suzy just wanted you to know my MIA girls just loved this handout! I have used several ideas from your site and each time the girls get so excited they look forward to their lessons and think I am so clever but I always let them I know I have a guardian angel called Suzy who is the talented and creative person behind these wonderful handouts. I am so grateful, thank you for making our lessons so meaningful and inspiring.

SUZY said...

Oh Moira, What a sweet thing to say. I am so glad you have been able to use some of the ideas from this blog. Handouts are so much fun to give. You sound like a sweetheart. Your girls are lucky to have you as a teacher.

SUZY said...

Hi Tiffanee, I hope you lesson went well. Thanks for letting me know you found the handout to be useful.
PS- I love the way you spell your name!



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