Thursday, July 21, 2011

Girls Camp Subway Art "Stand Out"

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Each morning at camp we are having a spiritual thought. This is what I made for the girls to go with my thought. It's actually a line out of the movie "What a Girl Wants". I don't usually get my quotes from movies, but this one relays exactly the message I will be talking about. and since it's camp. I think it works just fine. (I know these pictures aren't the greatest, but my camera battery is dead and I can't find the charger.  I took it with me on vacation and I'm afraid I may have left it.) :( 
You can print out the quote HERE.  There are two to a page.  Just print them onto the paper you want.  I used some that I already had on hand.  Mine is  not thick at all.  In fact it's not much thicker than regular computer paper.  Card stock may work too, but I haven't tried it. I cut them out on the lines so that the lines wouldn't show and I inked the edges in black.  (I chose black to cover up any lines that didn't quite get cut off.)  To punch the holes, I just lined one of the cut quote papers up to the plaque and marked where the holes were with a pencil and punched the holes.  After that I used that first paper as a stencil to cut the rest.
I bought these little 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 square plaques from Ben Franklin Crafts.  They were $1.99 a piece. The holes are already drilled.  (BONUS!!!) But you can put them on whatever you want.
I took the plaques and papers and some SPRAY ADHESIVE outside at this point.  The spray adhesive goes everywhere so i just held the paper quote out in front of me and sprayed it and then held a corner where it had been sprayed while I sprayed the other half of the paper.  I hope that makes sense.  I then carefully lined it up on the plaque and turned it over and pressed the back of the plaque so that it adhered tightly.  (I turned it over like this so I wouldn't smear the quote) It worked like a charm!

Now just thread ribbon through the holes and tie a bow.  Leave a little loop in the back so you can hang it.  The bows took me FOREVER to tie, but the rest was super quick!
There you have it!  Super duper easy right? 


Marissa Maxfield said...

I LOVE this quote and the plaque is darling-thanks!

SUZY said...

Thanks Marissa! I hope you'll try it. It's super easy!



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