Friday, July 8, 2011

Young Women Manual 3, Lesson 28 "Consecration and Sacrifice"

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For this lesson I love the story of the Plastic Pearls.  You can print it out HERE.
This handout goes with the Pearl story.

1. Printout the saying HERE.
2. Cut out saying and attach to a store bought tag or make a tag yourself by attaching the saying to cardstock and cutting around it leaving a small border on 3 sides and room to punch a hole on the left side.
3. Tie it to a candy necklace (punch a hole in the wrapper of the candy) with some ribbon.
Another easy one!
***Sometimes the best place to find these necklaces is a drugstore or a party store like Zurchers.  I was lucky to find mine at a grocery store.

Some good talks/articles on consecration and sacrifice are:
1. Some great quotes HERE
2. Elder David R. Bednar speech at Rick's College."Your Whole Souls As An Offering To Him"

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Moira said...

Suzy you are so clever! Thank you for sharing your amazing talents!
God bless,
Moira xx

SUZY said...

Thanks Moira!


marcie said...

"Pearls" is an amazing story. I think it'll really ring true to a lot of my girls. Thanks :)

SUZY said...

Hi Marcie,
I love the "Pearl" story too! It is parfect for teaching this principle. I think about it a lot when I am making decisions in my own life. Have fun teaching it.


Emily Simmons said...

Love the pearl story and the handout. Thanks for sharing your talent!

SUZY said...

Hi Emily!
The pearl story is great isn't it? It's the perfect illustration of consecration and sacrifice! It's always so touching to me. I taught this lesson last Sunday and barely made it without crying. It was great to hear from you. Thanks,


fawndear said...

Thank you so much for sharing this story and handout idea. I really appreciate it. I teared up just reading it. Perfect.

SUZY said...

I'm glad you liked the story. It sounds like it affected you the same way it affects me. I just love it!


Gremma said...

I sure wish I had found you before yesterday when I gave this very lesson! I sure would have liked to have used your idea! Glad you are here and I will visit often. Thanks for sharing!

SUZY said...

Dear Gremma,
I'm glad you found me! Hopefully you'll be able to find some ideas you can use in the future!



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