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Young Women Manual 3 Lesson 29 "A Change of Heart"

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Here are some articles that go with this lesson:
1. Preserving the Heart's Mighty Change, conference talk by Dale G. Renland
2. To Be Born Again, Theadore M. Burton
3. Born Of God, Ed J. Pinegar, BYU FAQ

If you're wanting a treat idea you could do:
1. heart shaped sugar cookies
2. Rice Crispy treats cut out with heart shaped cookie cutter
3. Petit Fours - Cake cut out with heart shaped cookie cutter and covered with icing. HERE is a demo for petit fours that will give you an idea on how to do them. And HERE is a quicker no bake version using a pre made Sara Lee pound cake.

I have two options for this handout.
Option #1 is Pictured below and if you want this option here are the instructions:
1. Click on the picture
2. Right click on picture
3. Save picture as (remember where you saved it.)
4. You can print the picture onto card stock (The original is 4X6", your printer might ask you what size you want them. Do as many as your printer will allow you to fit on a page at that size.) or you can download them to wherever you print your pictures normally and have them do it. It's usually less expensive this way.

Option #2 is SO fun! When you pull the tab where it says, "pull", the hearts change. If you have time, you should do this one. It's really easy. It took me way longer to post the instructions than it did to make the handout.
I recommend using card stock or thicker paper for this project.
All the pieces for this handout and their sizes are below on this photo.
*** The long strip is posted as 8 1/4 x 1 3/4 but the actual size is 9 1/4 x 1/3/4.***

1. Start with the 6" x 4 1/4" piece. (mine is red). This is your BASE.
2. Attach the 1 3/4" x 3 3/4" strip (mine has yellow flowers) across the bottom of of your BASE about 1/4 inch up from bottom with staples, tape or islets making sure to attach only the outsides. This is your ANCHOR.

3. Now it's time to make your HEART SQUARES. Attach your small squares 1 3/4" x 1 3/4"(mine are yellow) to your slightly bigger squares 2"x2" (mine are blue) and attach a heart to each square.
4. Next take the long 9 1/4" x 1 3/4" strip and turn it over so the backside is facing you. I used reversible paper, but if the back of yours is white that is just fine. Measure 2 inches up from the bottom and mark. Then measure up 1/2 inch up from that line and mark. Measure up 1/2 inch from that line and mark and measure up and mark 1/2 inch two more times for a total of 4. Fold across at each marking. (I scored mine first).you should have a total of four folds across the strip. This is you HEART STRIP BASE.
5. Place a piece of tape horizontally right beneath the first fold you made (2 inches from bottom of strip.). Place one of the heart squares on the tape being careful to line it up beneath the fold line. Tape the other 3 HEART SQUARES beneath each of the other folds exactly the same way you did the first one.
6. Turn the HEART STRIP BASE over with the front of the paper facing you and the HEART SQUARES at the top of the strip, but facing the table?

7. Print out the scripture and caption found HERE and cut the scripture out. You will need to cut about 1/4 inch of the top. Line the scripture up with the fold near the middle of the HEART STRIP BASE. And tape it down. Write "pull" below the scripture.

8. Slide the HEART STRIP between the BASE and the ANCHOR aligning the bottom of the strip (where it says "pull") with the bottom of BASE. Slide it as far as it will go to the right. Tape it down by putting a strip of tape on the ANCHOR and folding the HEART STRIP down to meet it. Test it out now by pulling the HEART STRIP down where it says "pull". Each HEART SQUARE should flip up and reveal the HEART SQUARE underneath it. Until only the bottom one is showing.

9. Cut out the caption and attach it to the handout as shown in the picture.
YOU DID IT!!! See, it wasn't hard. If you have any trouble just leave me a comment or send me an email.
This one is an awesome lesson! Have fun teaching it.

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shannonigan said...

Way cute!

SUZY said...

You like it Shannon? I used that card you gave me for the idea, but I'm sure you knew that!

Bill and Maggie said...

Well, I had a really good time with this Suzy! And I am really happy with the results. But it was a bit time consuming. I am thankful to my cricut for cutting all hearts and squares! I had some issues with the Heart Strip. My folds were at 2 inches and then 4 more at 1/2 inch each. Anyway, thank you for the great idea - it really looks great!

SUZY said...

Thank you Maggie, I think I fixed that. I'm glad you let me know.


Bill and Maggie said...

No problem, it was SO worth it. I love your handouts!


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