Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cute Fall Flower Arrangement with "Cake Balls"

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Aren't these beautiful?!   The pictures really don't do it justice.
These were given to us by the new Young Women's Presidency because we just got released.  Sniff, sniff.  I about died when the Young Women brought these out to us.  They made the "Cake balls" as a group.  What a fun idea for an activity! 
I have seen different ideas for these "Cake balls" all over the internet. Especially on  If you want to make them Here is a link for a basic recipe. They are way easier than they look and they taste delicious.  They would make a cute neighbor gift, visiting teaching treat, birthday gift etc.  My daughter says she wants to serve them at her wedding.  (She isn't engaged.  She just a normal girl who has been thinking about her wedding since she was a teenager. Ha ha.)  I hope you'll try these.  I can't wait to make some.

PS:  I will still be posting some handout and activity ideas that I have done in the past. 

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Unknown said...

I love this cute fall arrangement! I've been making cake pops for awhile and YES, they are easy. I learned using a tutorial. I made them for my daughter's wedding, and for my son's mission farewell.

Unknown said...
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SUZY said...

Dear Unknown,
Wow! I'm really impressed! I have so many questions for you. How did you make these cake pops for such a big crowd? Did you freeze them? What flavors did you use? Did you do the sticks or just balls? How did you display them? I bet people loved them. When I bite into one I am always surprised by how good they taste. Way better than your everyday frosted cake. I don't even want to know how fattening they are!

Unknown said...

I usually spread it over 1-3 days. Once you bake the cake it easily lasts that long. Even after you mix the cake with the frosting, it can sit overnight in the refrigerator. I don't freeze them because of expansion/compression issues---the chocolate cracks. Our favorite flavors are lemon, red velvet, chocolate. I've only used sticks. I bought some 8" white metal vases from IKEA and placed styrofoam with holes punched in it inside. I stick the cake pop in the holes. I've used them over and over---I'll probably eventually replace the styrofoam. After I've made them they've lasted for a week just sitting out on the counter top. I had 28 YW over at my house making them for their mom's for Mother's Day. It's been fun. Fattening---we won't talk about that.

Ms Fisher said...

Such a great post about flower arrangement Chicago. Keep on posting!

SUZY said...

Thank you Ms. Fisher! I will keep posting! Thanks for visiting.


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