Thursday, October 13, 2011

Temple Blocks

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My friend Rose sent me THIS LINK and said she thought we might want to make these for a Young Women activity. She was right. We had a blast making them.
Kristyn has the temple picture with the saying free to download on her blog. In fact, she has a ton of temples to choose from. We did ours a little bigger because the guy who cut the wood for us cut them from a bigger piece of wood so we ended up using 5"x7" pictures. They turned out beautifully. They are thicker too. About an inch or so. The one piece of advise I have for you if you do this for an activity night is to bring fans or hair dryers. The wood took forever to dry. (Some of the girls put layer after layer of paint on. Ha ha.)

I would say this activity was one of our best! I love my little temple block and have it sitting on my piano! You should make one you'll love it too!

Come back soon,


Merry said...

Suz, I had found this link awhile back and have made several. I've given them at bridal showers and to newly endowed sisters, as I just left RS recently. Thanks so much for sharing, hopefully I can get our YW to make theirs now!

Sue Bullough Burningham said...

Hey Merry,

What a great gift these make. I bet those sisters were thrilled to get them. I just got put into primary. Maybe I'll make them for my cute class.


Lil' Luna said...

Thank you so much for the link back. Your pics turned out ADORABLE!! So glad you could use the pics and tutorial. It really is such a fun, easy, inexpensive but special gift for anyone! XO - Kristyn

Peggy Jean said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! I can't wait to make them with my YW, I know that they will love them!

Sue Bullough Burningham said...

They will love them Peggy Jean! Have fun making them!


Cloudy said...

Hi Suzy,
I omittted to post a link and let you know I made these for my girls and they just loved them!
It has been such a pleasure to get to know you through your wonderful blog and I am so grateful for all your awesome ideas. I hope you had a lovely Christmas I can just imagine how delightful your home looked with all your creative talent. Looking forward to 2012 and wishing you the very best always.... thank you Suzy!

Cloudy said...

Sorry I meant to say I omitted to post a comment duh! Another year older and that's what it does to you :)

Sue Bullough Burningham said...

Hi Moira,
Glad to hear you made these. I'm sure your Young Women were thrilled with them! Thank you so much for your kind words. Christmas was wonderful. It was busy and came way too fast. I wasn't able to finish every project I had planned, but I got some done! I hope your Christmas was awesome and that 2012 is a great year for you. Thanks for always posting such nice comments. I have loved getting to know you too.


Kamelle said...

Hi Suzy~

I realize that this post is not recent, but I would really love to make these temple blocks with my young women. I tried the link, and it no longer is working (at least that I can see). Is there any way you could help me to access them? My e-mail is We are visiting all 16 Utah temples in 2016, and I think this would be amazing. I would really be grateful for the help.


Sue Bullough Burningham said...

Kamelle, thank you so much for letting me know about the bad link. It should work now. i want to go go on your temple tour. What a great idea!You will love these temple blocks. they are inexpensive and easy, but so, so cute!


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