Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Primary Manual 3 Lesson 40 "Worshiping at Church"

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HERE is a copy of the lesson from the manual

I made this little paper doll for each kid in the class to have so they could dress it for church. This went along with the story about Vaughn J. Featherstone and the nurse's shoes he had to wear to church. We talked about how we wear our best to church whatever that is. Even if your best is nurses shoes. They LOVED the story and really felt for this poor little boy and his concerns about being made fun of at church and I could see the relief on their faces as they realized that no one at church had mentioned the nurse's shoes to Vaughn. I was really touched by their reaction and empathy for him.

You should be able to print this out by clicking on the picture and then printing. Print the size you want it. You can cut them out yourself or have the kids cut them out or just send it home with them. I made mine with my Cuttlebug using the paper doll die cuts from Sizzix. So mine were cut out. I put a little removable adhesive on each piece of hair and clothing and stuck them to a shiny piece of white card stock so that the kids would be able to stick them to the body and remove them again. I then put each piece of cardstock into a page protector sheet and sent them home at the end of class. You could also laminate which would make them stronger and easier to remove and redress if you wanted to.

For the game At the end of the lesson instead of making the star and using a paper bag I used a beach all I had on hand and wrote questions all over it and we took turns tossing it to each oth. The person that catches the ball answers the question nearest to their right thumb. They loved it. You can use any ball. (We did this at Girl's Camp as a getting to know you game. I posted it HERE)

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Lisa S. Luckey said...

Thank you for the beach ball idea. I'm going to use that idea with my class this week. I think they'll love it!

Anonymous said...

Wow Susie I love your ideas ,making lessons fun and interesting week after week can be a challenge thanks so much for the inspiration I know my class will enjoy this and if their interested their learning ,fingers crossed

SUZY said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I was so happy to see your comment in my inbox. We bloggers LOVE comments. Hope your lesson went well. :D

Amy Stoik said...

Hi! I love the ball idea and this will be my first lesson I have ever taught. I was wondering what questions you wrote on the ball.

Thanks in advance,

I dont have a google account so my email is

SUZY said...

Hi Amy! Congrats on your first lesson! Your class will love the ball game. I just took the questions from the "Summary" part of the lesson and added some of my own to fill the ball. You can see a few in the picture, but I can't remember any of the others I used. I probably just got them from the lesson. Good luck with your lesson!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thank you!

juk said...

the beach ball idea is great, I've never heard that one before. Also like your dressing up idea. The nurses shoes is an excellent story.


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