Thursday, December 29, 2011

Neighbor Gift Ideas

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One of the things I enjoy most about the Christmas season is hearing the doorbell ring and finding one of my awesome neighbors standing on my porch with a gift or treat in their arms. I mean, who doesn't like gifts? What other time of year can you be in your home craving something sweet when lo and behold something homemade and delicious arrives at your door? It's magical right? I love it! I also love the giving side of this tradition. I love the opportunity to deliver some small token of friendship and holiday cheer to my neighbors.

I just had to share some of the things my clever neighbors came up with this year. They are so fun.

This one is so cute, and simple too. My friend Janet filled a glass jar with red licorice sticks and a couple of candy canes. She also added a green, glittered Christmas pick and finished the whole thing off with a nice bow around the neck of the jar. It's pretty enough to be a centerpiece.

Here's another cute idea from my friend Stacy. Extra wrapping supplies including wrapping paper, gift bows and tape. I actually found a gift on Christmas Eve and realized I had run out of tape. This extra gift saved me! It came with a cute saying too-
"Since November You've been shopping
Barely sleeping, hardly stopping
Now it's late, you're in a scrape
Out of paper, out of tape.
Hope this wrap helps save the day. Have a happy holiday!"

Isn't that great?

Then there's this one the Jackson family brought...simply red and green gum balls in a jar. This one didn't last long at our house. We all loved the big gumballs. I guess you could think of a cute saying to go with it like..."Hope you have a ball this Christmas." Or you could get white gumballs and call them snowballs and say, "This snow really 'blows'.
Having a family that prefers sweets over veggies, it may come as a surprise that this was one of our favorite neighbor gifts this Christmas. It was so refreshing to be able to take a break from sugar and fat and snack on this vegetable tray. It came with a cute poem too. We enjoyed it so much that it was almost gone by the time I was able to snap a picture of it. Thanks, Launa!
The poem reads,
"At holiday time we stuff ourselves
With many kinds of goodies,
Sweets and treats, chocolate galore
Candy, cakes and cookies.
and so tonight we digress from the norm
And bring you goodies of a different form.

We hope they will bring "health to the navel"
To keep you strong, willing and able
To enjoy Christmas and feel the love
Of that greatest of gifts, sent from above.

A "Merry Christmas" is our wish,
But we won't stay for a hug and a "kish"!
Just to drop this off and run, run, run!
Is how we have our fun, fun, fun!

On our behalf you mean so much.
So to you a warm Christmas,
Happy New Year and such.
How cute is this one? Jill and her family made their own seasoning salt and added a tag that says, "Season's Greetings". I cant wait to try it!
This one is a crack up and also a great idea. A box of brownie mix with a new rubber spatula (When could you not use a new one of those, right?) with a note that reads,

"Christmas is Jolly!!!
Christmas is sweet!!!
I'm so stressed out so...
Make your own 'darn' treat!"

Nice to have a brownie mix on hand for those late night treat emergencies!

Here's a cute one from Paul and Rita.  Hot chocolate mix with Biscoff cookies (you know, the kind you get on Delta flights? Mmm  I LOVE these!) and coasters.
And finally, my cute friend Patty brought this adorable popcorn bucket filled with movie treats and a Christmas video. I thought this was adorable!
Clever neighbors I have huh? Our friends and neighbors absolutely spoiled us this year. There we're so many cute and yummy things brought to our door. These are just a few that I remembered to take pictures of. Hope it inspires some ideas for you. I hope you had a Merry Christmas.

Come back soon,

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Bushman said...

You have very creative neighbors. Thanks for posting, It really helped me get ideas of what I want to do for my neighbors. =)


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