Thursday, December 8, 2011

Primary M3L44 "Do Unto Others"

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HERE is the lesson from the manual.

I made each person an "I Can be Kind" jar.  It was so easy!
I used the pull top top cans of veggies. I literally went down the isle looking for the pull top cans that had no printing on the top. I liked the size of these smaller 8 oz cans.
I removed the tops with this can opener that loosens the top rather than cutting it. (I wish I would have removed the bottoms instead because the lids didn't fit perfectly after I added the hot glue, but they still work.)
I filled the cans with candy kisses. I chose kisses because they are kind of big. You can put confetti or tissue in the bottom of the can to take up some space if you need to.
One of these big 1 lb bags nicely filled up about 5 cans

Hot glue around the edge of the can lid and replace it.
I removed the can's label and used it as a template for the new label. I just wrapped the can with scrapbook paper and secured it with hot glue.
I printed the "I Can be KIND" quotes HERE and punched them out with a circle punch then I matted them to a slightly larger circle. If you don't have the circle punches you can always cut them by hand.

I tied the labels to the cans with curling ribbon.

I can't wait to give them to my cute class!

I am also going to do the play dough idea in the manual. My class loves to do projects like this so it will be perfect.

I also think I have a copy of the creature from The New Animal 1987 Sharingtime. already in my files somewhere.  I think I'll use it to introduce the lesson and then talk about how to show love by respecting other people's property as outlined in the manual.  This is a great lesson for my son who sometimes has "sticky fingers". :(

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