Thursday, February 16, 2012

I LOVE being a mom!

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I just had to share this note that my 7-year-old son Kade gave to me.  
Not sure if you can read it or not, so hear's what it says, 

"Dear mom...I am sorey sorry I never get up and get redy for school :( I promes to get up from now on :)  Love Kade

Sorry I do not have skin coler not yellow for hear no pike for lips :( but I love you :)

This girl Sew Sue She's cool sweet cute but she does not know why I never seen such a buootiful girl! :)"

Isn't motherhood the best?!  What a sweet little heartfelt note.  Kade worked so hard on it and he was so proud and excited when he gave it to me.

The picture concerns me a little bit.  Looks like my hair's thinning and my neck is getting HUGE!  Wait a minute...I am looking more like this picture every day.  Maybe I should be feeling a little depressed.  Ha ha.

Come back soon,

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