Friday, March 9, 2012

The Announcements and Engagement Pictures

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Here is the announcement for Madi's wedding and reception. I think it turned out great. The quality of my copy isn't the best, but you can still see how it turned out.   I think they are such a cute couple.

 BTW - The most time consuming and difficult task during this whole thing was compiling the guest list.  Seriously,  Do this ASAP.  in fact, why wait for an engagement.  Why not start a list now and you can tweak it when the time comes.  I would organize the list to be ready to print onto labels.  Then print one copy on labels and another on regular paper as a master list so you can mark the list as you send invites.  You can mark if you sent them and if you invited them to the ceremony and /or the luncheon.  You can also make notes on your master list if you need to check an address or something. I forgot some really close friends because I was waiting to see if I had room to invite them to the ceremony and left the label on the label sheet.  I forgot all about it and felt so bad when I discovered my mistake after it was too late.

The announcements were ordered through Costco. They are 7 1/2" X 6" They were really reasonable. I think it was $15.00 for the first 50 and $7.00 for every 50 after that. That included envelopes with a silver lining in them.

I don't have any advertising on this blog. My blog is not a business and I don't get any money or favors from my blog at all. My blog is simply a place for me to share ideas and opinions. Because I do not have ads or paid endorsements I can be totally honest about what I like and what I don't like and you can trust that I don't have any ulterior motives behind the things I blog about.

Having said that, I have to tell you about Jeff Hodges Photography. This is Utah so if you're lucky enough to live here you can use Jeff too!  Jeff took all of the photos for Madi's and Garrett's wedding. Before the wedding they had an engagement shoot and a pre-wedding/bridal shoot.  Jeff was there snapping pictures through the whole reception and also after the wedding itself.  I'll give more details about these later when I post those events, but for now I will just share some of the engagement photos.

These are not touched up at all. Any pictures you want to order will be touched up. Here is a copy of the picture used in the announcement.  (which was designed by Jeff) Look how he fixed the red noses (it was cold). 

 He was also quick thinking and caught a lot of fun candid shots too like this one.
Jeff was friendly and fun and I was really impressed that he took the extra effort to learn everyone's names. The weather was really uncooperative after the wedding.  We had big, huge drops of water blowing off the temple and landing on us and our nicely dressed guests.  Our hair was blowing all over the place too.  (Don't you hate it when your bangs blow in the opposite direction that you comb them?  I do!) so we left the Salt Lake Temple grounds and took some pictures in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. 

Jeff Hodges does weddings and family portraits and whatever you need.  Go to his blog and check out all the beautiful pictures and fun poses he has posted there. and then call him and make an appointment dang it!  you won't be sorry!

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Alaide said...

I loved Madi's engagement shots. They are such a cute couple!! Her bridals were great too and I can't wait to see the ones from her reception and the Sealing!

SUZY said...

Hi Alaide,
I am excited to see those pictures too. I'm hoping to see some good ones of the flowers. You did such a beautiful job!


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