Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Dress and Bridals and Pre-Wedding Shoot

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Not long after my daughter Madison got engaged, she found "THE wedding dress".  She discovered it on Pinterest and fell in love with it.  Thankfully whoever originally pinned the dress had pinned it correctly and we were able to easily follow the link to THIS website. 
The company is located in St. George, Utah and we had about 3 months till the wedding.  That was barely enough time to order the dress and have it sent to us.  Kind of scary. There is a  chart on the website to help you figure out what size to order the dress in, but there is also a warning that whatever size you order you have to keep.  No refunds.  So what if we get the dress, but not on time or we get the size wrong? As we were talking we started thinking  we may not be able to get this particular dress.  I was sitting at the computer and remembered a friend of mine (That's you Debbie) who's daughter got her gorgeous "dream dress" second hand on Ksl.com .  So...I just started looking.  I only looked at the dresses that were Madi's size.  I'm not kidding when I say that the second or third one I looked at was"THE DRESS". I couldn't believe it!  It was the very dress she wanted and it was in her size.  It was also $200.00 cheaper than the new one.  Madi called the number and ended up buying that dress.  It fit like a glove.  It was even the right length!  A miracle dress!

Here is Madi in that beautiful dress.  These pictures were taken before the wedding by Jeff Hodges Photography.  I think they're nice, but I have to admit that I miss the traditional Bridals taken in a studio.  They're more formal and I like the indoor lighting, but this is what Madi wanted.  I bet Jeff could do the studio thing too if that's what was wanted.  He also took a bunch of pictures of Madi and Garrett at the temple which was really nice.  Not only did it cut down on waiting around time after the ceremony, but the weather was horribly windy the day they got married. and we ended up taking most of the pictures in The Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

A lot of our guests commented on this photo.  I love it too.  I love the way Madi and Garrett are lit up and did you notice the crescent moon on the left?
These are my favorite!!! This is My Madi! What a nut!
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