Friday, April 6, 2012

Paper Pinwheels

This is what I did to dress up the Easter Baskets this year.
I just bought dollar store easter baskets and filled them with the usual goodies.  I wrapped them in cellephane and added these cute paper pinwheels and an oversized monogram tag.
  Have you ever made pinwheels?  If not, I'll show you how.  They are SO quick and easy!

All you need is:
patterned card stock
wooden skewers
glue dots I have since found that the glue dots don't always hold.  Hot glue is better.

Start with a square piece of paper (any size)
draw lines from corner to corner (see photo).  I folded mine. 
Cut along the lines making sure to stop cutting before you get to the middle.  How far you cut depends on the size of the square you have.  Just make sure you leave enough that it doesn't fall apart.
Place a large glue dot in the middle of the square.  And bring each corner to the center and securte to the glue dot.

Attach the skewer to the glue dot.  Use another glue dot if needed.

Using another glue dot attach the button to the center.  See?  you're done.  Can you believe how easy that was?  YOu should make some.  They would be cute on a wreath, attached to a treat, or just on their own.  I think a little mini one would be darling on a card or in a cupcake. 
See what you come up with :)
Come Back Soon,

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