Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flower Boxes - teacher appreciation 2012

Wow, I just realized that today is my blog's 1 year anniversary! It has been such a fun year. My goal this coming year is to post more YW stuff. I get a lot of requests for that.

 My idea for today is not a YW idea, but I hope you enjoy it :) I finally decided what to do for Kade's teacher to show our appreciation for all she did for him this year.  The card will say something like, "Thanks for helping me grow this yea.r" or "Thanks for helping me blossom this year."

A couple of months ago our "craft group", ( just a bunch of ladies in the neighborhood who get together once a month to gab and make stuff) hosted by my super creative friend Patti got together to make these cute flower boxes. This was way bigger than the usual craft we do. It's usually a card or something small like that. Well, Patti is pretty much amazing and she came up with this darling project. Here is hers.
We were all so excited when we saw what we were making! Here is mine from that day.
To make this project you'll need:
1. Paper flowers of various sizes. (I used double sided paper.)
2. Buttons of various sizes.
3. Wooden skewers
4. Wire
5. Diamond glaze or something similar.
6. Beads
7. A container for your bouquet such as a vase, box or pail.
8. Styrofoam.
9. Shredded paper or something similar.
Patti's talented husband, Todd made these cute little planter boxes for us, but you can use anything you want as your base of course. I think they would be cute in a tin pail.
I got this cute wooden crate at Michael's for 90% off after Easter. I think it cost me about a dollar. I started by cutting a 6" Styrofoam ball in half and pushing it down into the crate. In the picture it looks like the ball is loose, but it is in there nice and tight which is important. You don't want your bouquet falling over when you finish right?
Then I covered the ball with shredded paper. Making sure to cover any white showing.
Next come the flowers. I cut out a bunch of flowers using my Cricut. (you could use punches, a die cutting machine like
cuttlebug, or cut by hand. Cut out various sizes using different coordinating papers. I also cut some butterflies and circles.
I used this Graphic 45 paper pack I got at Scrapbook USA the line is called, An ABC Primer. I love their paper!
In the "Spring" version of this I made I left the flower petals flat, but since then I have learned a great trick for giving them a little more dimension. Close a pair of tweezers over each petal and twist towards you. It puts a nice crease in the paper. I love the results.

(If you have a big button stash you are wanting to use up, this is the project for you! I used a lot of buttons. )

Start by putting together some of your paper layers and a bead and a button to make a flower.
Poke holes through all the layers using the button holes as a guide.
Thread your bead onto a piece of wire. I think mine were about 5" or 6" long.
Thread wire ends through your button.
Now add your flower shapes putting a button between each layer. Add various colors and sizes of buttons under your flower then twist the wires once to hold them all in place.
Place the pointy end of a skewer into one of the button holes and wrap the rest of the wire around the skewer. Clip any wire ends that are sticking out.
Remove the skewer and fill the hole with diamond glaze or something similar.

Reinsert the skewer through the wire and hole. Push it in there as far as it will go and let it dry.
Arrange your flowers in your container by pushing them into the styrofoam.
You may also want to add butterflies and dowels with only buttons for variety.

You can add a sign, a seed packet, a card or whatever else you want.

Thanks Patti for such a darling idea. You always create such beautiful things.

  Come back soon,


Patti said...

What a dang cute idea, Sue! Tee Hee! I love the red, tan, and black colors! Sooo fun! What a lucky teacher to receive such a nice gift!


Patti said...

Oh...and congratulations on your one year anniversary! There are sooo many fun and cute ideas on your blog, Sue! Thank you for all of the inspiration!

SUZY said...

Oh my gosh Patti! I LOVE you. It is you who inspires me. I can't wait to see you Monday.

Tammy said...

Please, let's make this!!! I love it. Call me and let's do it. I'm totally serious!


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