Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Greenie Missionary Package

Hayley will be leaving the MTC soon and will be someone's Greenie. (for anyone who doesn't know, a new missionary right out of the Missionary Training Center, (MTC) is called a "Greenie".)  I put together this package of all things green for her. I bought almost everything at the dollar store and the dollar section at Target, Michael's, etc. It looks like I send a package every couple of weeks.  I wish!!  But no.  I sent her Mission training kit several weeks ago so it would beat her to the MTC and I want this one to be at the mission home waiting for her.  After that, I will just send them as I feel she needs them.
When my husband was serving in the Japan, Fukuoka Mission they had a saying, "Stay green, green grows."  We have talked about this in our home and try to remember to apply it to our lives. We all like the concept of staying humble, teachable, enthusiastic, etc. because it's so easy to get in a rut and lose our passion for life. (I'm not saying that we have mastered this, just that we are trying :) .  I created a card with this saying that I added to the package. You can print it free HERE.  (It's way cuter in "Real Life" )

Print the card onto card stock, cut out the card and just fold it in half (My calculations were slightly off, but it's easily fixed.  Just trim off the extra white.  When you have the card cut and folded you'll know exactly what I mean. :)  I also added a little bow to the tree.  I like to add some thing real to digital cards so they don't seem so flat.The card is the typical homemade card size and fits in a 4 1/4" X 5 1/2" sized envelope. 

I sent mine in a flat rate envelope.  You can get these at the post office. You pay the same price whether they are half empty or stuffed till they are bulging. Yes, you can stuff them as full as you want to.  I think they might have a weight limit, but I have always stuffed mine really full.  Often with tons of candy which is pretty dang heavy and I have never had a problem. They have several sizes from a cardboard envelope to a pretty nice sized box. I think the flat envelope is the cheapest.  I say flat because it comes flat, but I promise you, I have never sent a flat envelope. Mine are always pretty much a football shape.  It is amazing how much one of those will hold!! My favorite is the biggest box because it opens from the top and makes a better presentation when opening the gift, but it's the biggest and most expensive to send and I didn't need to send much this time so I used the next size down.
 I decorated the inside so that it would be a little more festive and green looking.  I didn't pain-stakingly make sure it was perfect as you can see, but I think it looks cute.

I am sending the package to the Mission office today so it will be there waiting for Hayley when she arrives.  I always leave the Post Office in a great mood.  The thoughts of my missionary excitedly opening the package just makes my day!!!

Have fun taking care of your missionaries!!!

Come back soon,

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Melissa Hurdle said...

Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing.


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