Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Young Women Manual 1 Lesson 28 "Resisting SIn"

When I was a sophomore in High School I was assigned to give the devotional in Seminary.  I was SO nervous!  When I was telling my parents about my worries my Dad quickly said, "Just take a bag a miniature Snickers bars and tell them "When you sin, the devil Snickers".  That's exactly what I did.  No lesson.  No scripture.  No expounding whatsoever.  I just held up my bag of candy bars and spouted off my short little phrase and passed the bag around.  I really don't know if anyone got any use at all from my pathetic little devotional, but I never forgot the message.  I knew that the Lord thrilled when I made good choices and that Satan laughed when I made bad ones and I was bound and determined that I was not going to give Satan anything to laugh about!  I'm sure he's laughed plenty at my mistakes throughout my life, but This silly little saying really made a difference to me.

Here is the handout for this lesson that was inspired by that seminary devotional given by a nervous Sophomore many years ago and now that we are older and less nervous (sometimes) We can expound and teach and I even have a scripture!

To print the handout go HERE.  Everything on this site is always FREE so go for it!  I  just cut the thought out,  folded it over and stapled it to a cellophane bag containing Snickers bars.  A quick easy handout!

I hope it will help your class to always try to ruin Satan's day by not allowing him to laugh.  The Jerk!  Ha ha!

(Here are some other links that might help with your lesson)
The Savior Is Counting on You - Joe J Christensen

To Act for Ourselves: The Gift and Blessings of Agency - ROBERT D. HALES
The Forces That Will Save Us - James E Faust 

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Nancy Face said...

Thanks a million! I'm teaching that lesson this coming Sunday, and although I had a fun handout idea, this is MUCH easier and quicker! YAY!

SUZY said...

Nancy, you have great timing! I just barely posted this! Good luck with your lesson. I'm so glad this helped!!

wilonestar said...

I cant thank you enough for sharing. The girls love it when I use your ideas. (I used them a lot last year) I am just teaching #23 this week, so anymore you can share will be wonderful!

SUZY said...

Hi Wilonestar,

Thanks for your comments. It makes me feel so good to know that you have been able to use some of my ideas. My goal is to add 2 new handout ideas a week. I'm going through Manual 1 first. I just posted lesson 29 so if all goes as planned I should have something every week from lesson 28 on. hope you like them. :)


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