Thursday, August 16, 2012

YWM1L29 "The Second Coming"

HERE is a copy of the lesson from the manual.

Here is a picture of my handout.

The Tag reads,"Stand ye in Holy places, and be not Mooooo-ved"
Find the Printable Tags HERE.

Just print them onto card stock, cut them out and attach them to a bottle of Chocolate milk.
(You could also attach it to Milk Duds or something else cow-related)

 I don't think fear is a good motivator.  I think it's always more effective to concentrate on the "Dos" rather than the "Do nots"  Having said that I am not claiming that I always practice what I preach. Especially where my kids are concerned, but when I do have the sense of mind to think it through and use a positive instruction rather than a negative it works SO much better.  For instance; Your kid is running around the swimming pool and you are afraid he'll trip it is better to say, "Walk!" as opposed to, "Don't Run!"  That's why I love the positive, message of this lesson.  I love the "If ye are prepared, Ye shall not fear" approach. Plus, It's true!

Here are some other great resources you could use for this lesson:
Video: “They that Are Wise,”
When He Comes Again-Children's Songbook
Preparation For The Second Coming - Elder Dallin H. Oaks

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