Friday, May 31, 2013

RELAX gift idea with printable tags

Sometimes you just want to give someone a gift to help them recuperate after a huge event, major stress or just plain hard work.  That was exactly my desire when I put together this gift basket.  I wanted this to be bright and cheerful even though when you think "relax" you think calming, subdued spa-like colors.  To me part of relaxing is being happy so here it is.
I bought the cute tub in the dollar section at target.  I put some shredded paper in the bottom and then put some little gifts in.  Each gift corresponds with one of the tags that spell out the word RELAX.  

You can print the tags HERE
Here are ideas for items that can go with the tags:
Read- Book, reading glasses ,book light, gift card to a favorite bookstore.
Enjoy-chocolate, favorite candy bar, CD, DVD, I did Cutler's cookies (if you live in Davis County, you know why).
Lunch-gift card to a favorite sandwich shop, Lunchable, coupon for a lunch date on you.
Alleviate-lotion, fuzzy socks, sleep mask, pedicure gift card.
Exfoliate-Loofa, foot scrub, pummis stone or file.

I also made a smaller gift, a bag of a few pampering tools placed in a Cellophane bag.  I just attached a RELAX tag to the bag.

I think this would make a great teacher gift or birthday gift.  I also think it's a great gift for a pregnant friend or a brand new mother or even for Mother's Day!

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Heather said...

Found this via Pinterest. What a wonderful idea! I will be following you from now on!

Sue Bullough Burningham said...

Thanks so much Heather. I'm so happy to have you on board!

SANDRA said...

this idea was perfect for what I needed. I am doing a surprise pampering party for my daughter next week. She is 39 weeks pregnant with her 5th! Thank you so much for sharing!

Sue Bullough Burningham said...
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Sue Bullough Burningham said...


First of all...congratulations on the new grandbaby!!! That's so exciting!! I'm so glad that you were able to use this idea for a pampering party gift. BTW-I love the idea of a pampering party!!! It's brilliant !!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Thank you so much for this idea! I was looking for a fun and inexpensive gift for my son's teacher's Bday and this worked out beautiful!

I'll post soon with a link to you.

Thanks again!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Thank you again for this idea. I made it for my son's teacher's birthday and she loved it. I'm posting a link to you today.

Sue Bullough Burningham said...

Alexis-I'm so glad you were able to use this idea for your son's teacher. It was fun seeing how you put it all together. It's looked great!!! Thanks for linking back to my blog. I love your blog it's darling. I signed up to get your posts via email. Can't wait to look at your blog some more.


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