Monday, May 26, 2014

Thanks for Bee-ing There for Me!-Teacher Appreciation Etc.

Do you need a special THANK YOU gift for a teacher or someone else who you want to show appreciation to?  I have a simple idea for you. You can make an apron, tote, pillow etc or just print out the tag and attatch it to a gift.
I have said it before...I am a crafter, not a seamstress.  If there is much sewing involved I usually pass on a project and find one that I find a little less frustrating.  Having said that let me share this project with you that has VERY LITTLE SEWING.

I wanted to say thank you to some women I have been serving with in the Relief Society (my church's women's organization).  I needed something cute and QUICK!!!  I came up with the saying "Thanks for "bee"-ing there for us.  I thought it would be cute, bright and cheery to do something involving bees and of course, the colors black and yellow.  There is also a page that says, "Thanks for Bee-ing there for me".

Ever since I made THESE BAGS, I have wanted to do an apron using the same method.  I have seen them all over the internet.  (My creative friend Dotty makes them each year to give the graduating Laurels in our Young Women Organization.  She sews on a ruffle for each of the value colors.  They are adorable!)    

I bought the canvas aprons at Walmart.  You get three in a package for 10 bucks.  
Recently, I had bought the fabric I used for the ruffles from the remnant bin at Hobby Lobby.  I just thought it was so cute that I wanted to do SOMETHING with it.  It was perfect for this!  I also had the polka dot on hand.

First I made an Iron-on for the bib of the apron using Microsoft Publisher..  I recreated a few of the flowers in the fabric so they would match perfectly, but if you don't have the same fabric you shouldn't have a hard time matching it with some balck and yellow fabric.  I just printed the design onto this heat transfer paper I bought at Walmart, Ironed it onto the apron and then sewd on the ruffles and ribbon.
 I added a loaf of bread and a jar of honey and wrapped them in a basket.
I used my Cricut to cut these bees and glued them to a wooden skewer.

 I have created these tags. and you can you use them in several ways depending on how extravagant you want to be. If you don't want to sew, here are some ideas of some gifts you could use.  Just attach the tag to your gift!  
1. Bit O honey
2. Bread and Honey (Honey Bear Bottle)
3. Basket or bag full of YELLOW and BLACK items

This is what I made for Kade's school teacher for appreciation week.  It is SO simple.  Canvas bag was purchased at Walmart. (I hot-glued these ruffles and fringe on.)  I filled the bag with Bread, Honey, Honey maid Graham Crackers and Bit O Honey Candy. Hope she feels appreciated because she is.

Print the iron-ons and tags HERE.  The backwards pages are for the iron ons.

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