Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Christmas Tree Loopy Bow

My favorite Christmas symbol is the STAR. I love that the star symbolizes Christ and that it reminds us that like the wise men of old we need to constantly be searching for Christ and deepening our relationship with him. I have dedicated my living room tree to stars. I have to admit that I think of this tree as "My tree."  Partially because the rest of my family likes our more casual and traditional tree. The one that sits in our family room/kitchen.  I love to sit alone in my living room in the early hours of morning, look at "My Tree" and reflect on the life that the Savior lived and all he did and still does for me. It stirs in my heart feelings of love for Him and a desire to be more like Him. 
This year I added these LOOPY BOWS to my star tree. They cost me a dollar for each now because I bought the deco-mesh tubing at the Dollar Tree and they take second to make. I love the drooping, draping effect they give my tree. 
My daughter Madison came by just as I was whipping up these bows and was able to film a little demo of me making the last now so I decided to share that with you. So easy!!!  I hope you'll try it.

(Haha.  This was my first video tutorial and we did it in one take.  No editing.  You can even hear us saying at the end that it worked and we were going use it. "I thought that went pretty well."  haha)

Come back soon,

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