About My Blog!

     I started this blog in 2008 to show my sister some of the cards I was making. I hardly ever posted. I loved visiting other blogs and found great crafts, cards and Ideas for church handouts etc. Then I started feeling like I needed to give back. I have benefitted from so many blogs, but haven't shared anything of my own. So I decided to start posting my Young Women handouts and lesson ideas on this blog thinking maybe somebody will find this blog and be able to get some use from the things I post or maybe no one else would ever read it and I'd just continue to show my sister all of the stuff I made. I'll post cards, scrapbook layouts, crafts and anything else that I make. Hope you find something fun or useful. If you want to get regular updates you can sign up as a follower. I also LOVE to hear from you. It lets me know I'm blogging to someone other than my cute sister.

I think I should add my feelings about handouts.  I DO NOT in any way feel that it is necessary to have a handout for lessons or Visiting Teaching.  It's something I love to do and it gives me a creative outlet.  It's easy to get caught up in cute handouts while sacrificing great teaching.
I usually make the handout after reading the lesson and then ponder on the lesson while I make the handout. Sometimes I don't even do a handout and sometimes I just print out someone else's pre-made handout.  That's why I am sharing my ideas with you on this blog.  Sometimes it's hard to think of what to do for a handout so I'm hoping I can help sometimes just as I have been helped by other bloggers.

I hope you'll visit often,


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