Young Women Handouts Manual 1

Young Women Manual 1 

M1L5 "Finding Joy In Our Divine Potential"

M1L28 "Resisting Sin"

M1L29 "The Second Coming"

M1L30 "Service"

M1L31 "Group Activities: A Basis For Wise Dating"

M1L32"'Personal Purity Through Self-Discipline"

M1L33 "Avoiding Degrading Media Influences"

M1L37 "Caring For Our Physical Bodies"

M1L38 "Nutrition and The Word of Wisdom"

M1L39 "Drug Abuse"

M1L40 "Health Care In The Home"

M1L41 "The Ability To Succeed"

M1L42 "The Courage To Try"

M1L43 "Righteous Living"

M1L44 "Using Time Wisely"

M1L45 "The Value Of Work"

M1L46 "The Purpose and Value of Education"


Kristina Bills said...

Do you have any ideas for lesson 45????

Kay-Lynn Pack said...

How about a "pinwheel" you have to work to make it pretty and find the joy in it.
Using the quote "When doing the work you have been assigned to do find about all you can about it so you don't "blow" it"

SUZY said...

My idea for lesson 45 is President Monson's "W" Formula: "Work Will Win While Wishy Washy Wishing Won't!" I will post the handout soon.

Anonymous said...

How about lesson 44?

SUZY said...

for lesson 44 I used the quote, "Time is the wise man's treasure" I used a treasure chest I bought at Family Dollar and filled it with beads and plastic gold coins. (Spilling over)I made a handout with the quote and attached it to chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil. i will post ASAP.

Nancy Face said...

I love your handout ideas and use them whenever I can! My cute Beehives love them! Thank you so much for helping me make lessons special for them!

I am teaching lesson 48 (about Goals) on December 16th. If it's at all possible for you to create something during such a busy month, I would be so grateful! ♥

Ginger said...

Any ideas for the next lesson on education? Love all you do!! thanks!

Ginger Schoenrock said...

Any ideas for the next lesson on education? Thanks for sharing all your ideas. You are a talented lady!

SUZY said...

Ginger, that lesson is almost ready to post. I'll try to have it up by Friday afternoon. Thanks for your comments. They made me smile. :D

SUZY said...

Nancy, I promise I will try my hardest to get that lesson on the blog before the 16th thank you for your comment. I loved hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

I love all your cute ideas that make teaching these lessons special!!!


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